Crockett National Bank

Identity Theft Precautions

12.7.15 |

Identity theft is a common problem in today’s world. Unfortunately it can be hard to know what to do to prevent it. We’ve already discussed ways that you can protect yourself online, but there are other important steps you can take.

Protect your mail. Mailboxes are a common target of identify thieves. They are filled with personal information! If you have an un-secure mailbox, make sure to pick up your mail daily and put it on hold when you travel. If you mail out checks to pay your bills, consider mailing them from a locked mailbox rather than leaving them in your personal box. Make bill paying even more secure (and easy) by signing up for Online Bill Pay.

Keep a close eye on your accounts. Regularly reviewing your bank transactions and credit card statements is an easy way to catch a problem early. Use online banking to review your transactions every few days and contact us immediately if you notice something out of the ordinary.

Check your credit reports annually. A regular review of your credit reports will allow you to check for problems and dispute them. You can receive a free copy of your credit report from all major credit bureaus at Review it each year and make sure all information is accurate.
Note that the bank does not offer this service. Should you receive email solicitation regarding a free credit report and it appears it is sponsored by the bank, do not give any information as the email is a phishing attempt to gather your personal information.

Get A Crockett Star Account. Our Star Account includes a valuable Lifelock Identity Theft protection benefit! This includes identity theft detection and alerts, lost wallet protection, address change verification, advanced internet monitoring, reduced pre-approved credit offers, and a $1 million total service guarantee. Click here to learn about additional benefits offered by the Crockett Star Account.

While nothing can completely prevent identity theft, there are many small precautions you can take to deter it. Make these changes and add in quality identity theft protection and you’ll be protected even if the worst happens.