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Your Child’s Online Security

12.7.15 |

We’ve talked a lot about how you can protect yourself online, but there are more things that can be done to protect your children, too.

For starters, you want to teach your kids basic habits for protecting their computer from viruses and malware. Show them what kind of links they should not click, how to handle pop-ups, and what spam is. Not only will this help them in the future, but it will protect your valuable computer!

The next area of concern is cyber bullying. Social networks have quickly become a place where kids may be teased or bullied. Teach your children to never share their passwords with anyone, even their best friends. You should also make a rule that they always log out of any account (social media, email, etc.) as soon as they are done using it. This prevents anyone from finding the account and posting something inappropriate under their name.

If a child is being cyber bullied, have them keep good records by taking screenshots of any messages. Then report this information to the school and the website. Any threats should also be reported to the police.

And finally, you want to teach your children about protecting their online reputation. It can be hard for a child or adolescent to understand the consequences of inappropriate behavior over the long term. Let them know that you expect the same behavior online as you expect “in the real world” with respect for others and themselves.

Keep a close eye on the websites they are using and the time spent online. Work with your children to protect them and teach them good privacy and protection habits for a lifetime.